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100 unique daily visits

I have created this blog to prove to you that it’s not that difficult to start receiving 100 unique daily visits to your blog 30 days after launching and I want to help you achieve it. How long do you think it should take for a blog to start receiving 100 visits daily? You most likely get answers that it takes time to start getting a decent amount of traffic to your blog. That answer might be correct, but that was back in early 2000. Things are moving very fast now and for a blog to start receiving 100 unique visitors daily shouldn’t take much time. You have all the resources to start recieveing traffic to your blog if you know how to use them. How much can you make with 100 unique daily visits and how can you achieve the goal of 100 unique visitors daily?

What You Can Achieve With 100 Unique Daily Visit

With 100 unique daily visitors to your blog, you could make up to $500 monthly. The amount you will make depends on the niche you are blogging for. Sad to say, many bloggers started blogging and quit without making a cent from blogging. They never got close to receiving 100 daily visits to their blogs after blogging for months. Why was that the case for them? The answer is not far-fetched. It is because they are blogging the wrong way. They are not blogging smart but blogging hard. I have created this post to help you avoid that big mistake.

A Picture Of A New Blogger

Just picture yourself, after setting up a professionally looking blog optimized for SEO and speed. You are ready to create your first post. You carried out keyword research because you know how important keyword is. After that, you manage to target a long tail keyword with decent search volume but not too competitive. Then you created a catchy title from the long tail keyword. You then develop an outline and started working on your outline. Finally, you completed writing your post. After proofreading your post to make sure it is free of grammatical error, punctuation, and spelling error, you finally published your post. You are so excited to get your first post go live and you are expecting some few readers because you shared your post on facebook, twitter, and other social bookmarking site.

The next day you check your analytics, not even one person visited your blog to read your post. Well, you thought it’s the first post so you created another post again, publish and still, nobody read your post. I believe you can begin to imagine how frustrating it is to put in all the effort to write a post no one cares to read.

Now here is a question you need to ask yourself. What are many bloggers doing wrong and how can you avoid these mistakes? I am going to cover the biggest mistake new bloggers make and how you can avoid them. I will also show you how you can take your blog from little or no visit at all to 100 unique daily visits.

What New Bloggers Are Doing Wrong

SEO. Yes, I’m damn serious about it. New bloggers tend to focus too much on SEO which will bring little or no benefit to them at the moment. Here is the truth, it will take some time before your blog starts ranking for certain keywords. Your blog is new, Google and other search engines have to give respect to older blogs. New bloggers tend to focus more on search engines and backlinks instead of driving traffic to their blog. Now don’t get me wrong, you need to work on SEO and backlinks, but as a new blogger, it will be a waste of time and effort to focus all your energy on both.

What you should focus on as a new blogger.

While you optimize your blog post for SEO and try to rank for certain keywords which will happen months later, you should focus all your energy on driving visitors to read your post. By doing this, you will not only drive traffic to your site but will create quality natural backlinks which will do more good to you than those who source for backlinks just to rank on search engines.

0 –  100 Unique Daily Visits In 30 Days

I have created a free 30 days course to help you take your blog from zero or no visit to 100 unique visits to your blog in 30 days. Here is what you will get from registering for this course.

  1. Start receiving 100 unique visitors to your blog after 30 days
  2. How to create a content strategy
  3. How to create a traffic strategy to increase your blog traffic
  4. A daily task to perform every day for the next 30 days to achieve the goal of 100 unique visitors daily.
  5. The best methods to start driving instant traffic to your blog.

If you haven’t setup your WordPress site yet, please do follow my definitive guide on How To Setup A WordPress Site.

This blog has 0 daily visits as at today 23rd July 2017. The program will start 31st July 2017 and by August 30th. At the end of 30 days, we will be having 100 unique visitors daily to this blog.

To take your blog from 0 to 100 visits, please enter your name and email below let’s achieve this goal together. See you when we start.



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