How To Setup A WordPress Site

Setup A WordPress Site

Setting up a WordPress blog has never been easier. It is as simple as registering an email account. If this is your first time trying to set up a WordPress blog, do not fret. I want you to see it as registering for a Gmail account. I am going to guide you through the steps of setting up a WordPress blog with pictorial illustration to make things super easy for you.

Note: If you want to pay for a hosting plan other than HostGator, I will encourage you to use a hosting company with cPanel. This tutorial will address how to install WordPress blog through cPanel which is the easiest method which should take less than five minutes. We might talk more about host gator but don’t let that bother you because HostGator uses cPanel.

I hope you already have a hosting plan, if not you can get a plan from HostGator and I remember to check my post 13 Reasons Why HostGator is the best for WordPress. Assuming you have a hosting account already, let’s proceed with the steps to setup a WordPress blog.

Steps To Setup A WordPress Site

Step 1

Login to Cpanel.

cPanel Login


Upon completion of your hosting signup and payment, HostGator will send your login details to your email. Use the detail sent to you to log in.

Step 2

After login in, locate the section special offer. It is the first section on cPanel. Click on the wordpress icon as shown in the image below.

special offer


A prompt asking if you want to install WordPress will display, click on the button “Install WordPress” as shown in the image below.

setup a wordpress site


Enter your credentials. Your credentials include admin email, username, your name, and the title of your blog. Just fill out the form correctly and click install WordPress theme.




After installation next is to select a theme. There are a lot of good free themes, but they all have some flaws. I will encourage you to get a premium theme from Mytheme shop. Before you get a theme from Mytheme shop, check read: 10 Reasons To Use Mythemeshop Theme For Your Blog.



Save your credential. Upon completion of installation, WordPress will give you access to your credential which includes your blog’s URL, admin URL, admin username, and password. Make sure you save these details in a secure location.

wordpress credentials

Now your WordPress blog is live and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. But the blog isn’t good enough to present to the world. Some work still needs to be done. First, we need to delete some plugin and then install new plugins.

Essential Plugins To Install

  1. SEO By Yoast
  2. W3 Total Cache
  3. Sassy Social Share
  4. Contact Form 7
  5. Hustle

To install these plugins, enter you admin URL in the address bar. It should be something like this, For this site, it is When you enter the address, you will be taken to admin login page.


After login in, you will see your dashboard which looks like this.


wp dashboard

Next, click on Add New as shown below

Plugins new

There are two ways to install a plugin. Either you upload or search for plugins.

search plugin

Now that you have install the necessary plugins, the next thing to do is to optimize your site for speed.

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