How To Make Money From Blogging

How to make money from blogging

Popular bloggers earn six figures monthly while the majority earn a decent pay monthly from blogging. Blogging is a good way to earn a decent living and have the freedom to work from anywhere in the world whenever you want. If you have decided to start a blog of your own, well done. You have taken the most important step to freedom. I will share my story of how I started as a blogger.

My Job After Graduation

After graduation, I got a job with a good pay that can take care of my bills. I was so excited to have a job and to be making a living. But something doesn’t feel right. I wasn’t happy with what I was doing. My boss is always on my back with pressure on task and deadline to meet. He’s so impolite and shouts at everyone all the time. As a result, waking up every morning becomes a problem, it is like facing a monster. I became depressed because I felt I wasn’t treated right for my effort and dedication.

Realizing My Problems

I knew I had to take some serious action concerning the situation. Waking up each day is a blessing. It is something to be happy and thankful for but that wasn’t the case for me. I wasn’t happy with waking up every morning which affected every area of my life. My communication, relationship, and most importantly self-confidence were affected negatively. At this point, I knew I had to take a bold step. Quit my job. Are you crazy? Quit your job to start a blog? You are kidding. Those were some response I got from close friends.

Taking The Bold Step

I quit my job

I decided to quit my job and set up a blog. I wasn’t much of an experienced blogger when I started blogging. How to drive traffic to my blog was a major challenge. Another challenge was covering up the cost for Aweber service so, I took part-time freelance job to support the expense of running my blog. I learned a lot from the company I worked with as a freelancer. Finally, I quit my freelancing job after two month to start blogging full time.

My First Two Months As A Blogger

I earn less than a hundred dollars during my first month blogging and $500 during the second month. But the most important thing for me during the second month wasn’t the money. It was what I learned. I learned how to drive traffic to my blog that resulted in sales. That is the reason why I have created a free 30 days course to help you achieve the same result. If you are interested, read: Grow a new blog from 0 – 100 unique daily visits in 30 days

A lot of people think it takes a minimum of six months to earn as a blogger. The question I will like you to answer now is:

How Long Should It Take You To Start Making Money As A Blogger?

What is your answer? Three months, six months, a year or two years. You only need thirty days to start earning from your blog. If you blog pretty smart, you can make money from your blog before thirty days. I think people need to change their view on blogging. A lot of people see a blog as something that needs time to gain momentum. It is true you need some time to start making money, but you don’t have to wait for eternity to start making money from your blog. Right now, we have all the resource we need to achieve what we want. In my post: 7 essential tools for bloggers, I mentioned Quora as a tool. Quora alone will take you that far if you use it the right way.

The next question I want you to answer is:

Why are some bloggers making thousands of dollars monthly and others barely make a dollar?

earners vs non earners

Whatever it is, here is my answer to that question. Bloggers making money are blogging smart and the ones not making a dime are doing something wrong. One major problem is traffic. They tried different suggestion to drive traffic to their blog with no result. Another issue is that they wait too long to start monetizing their blog. I do see questions like:

When is the right time to start monetizing my blog?

I’m going to tell you this; grab the first opportunity that comes your way. Asking for the right time to monetize your blog is like asking, “When is the right time to make your first sale as a sales person?”. I believe that should be sounding ridiculous now. You know quite well that a sales person should grab the first opportunity that comes his way. The same applies to monetizing your blog. The right time to monetizing your blog is the very first opportunity that comes your way which could be the day you start writing your first post.

How is it possible to make money from your new blog?

For a start, we will focus on two ways to start earning money as a blogger.

#1. Insert affiliate in your post. Most bloggers get it wrong at this point. I call them the AdSense mindset bloggers. These bloggers want traffic flooding their site before they can monetize. They have this mindset because they are thinking of monetizing their blog with PPC. To me, it is a total waste of traffic. You have to grab the first opportunity you have to put an affiliate link in your post and as your traffic grows to a point where you can earn from PPC, you go for it. Put the link there and make sales from the first opportunity that arise instead of wasting the opportunity because you are waiting for the perfect time. It is not wrong to put an affiliate link in your post if what you are linking to will help your readers.

#2. Earning as a freelance writer: A blog is a good way to attract clients. It’s a way to showcase your writing skills to the world. On up work, freelance writers with a blog get twice as much job than freelance writers without a blog. You need to take advantage of owning a blog as a writer and earn for writing articles. Read: How To Make Money Through Upwork to learn more.

My Free 30 Days Course

I created this blog to prove to you that it is possible to start making money as a blogger under 30 days without any influence online. You just need to blog smart and do the right thing to start earning as a blogger.

My free 30 days course will teach you how to start a blog and drive traffic to your blog that will make you money. To get started, you need a get a WordPress blog ready. If you don’t have a WordPress blog yet, read: How To set up a WordPress blog. If you can’t set up a blog yourself, I setup WordPress blog for my subscribers without charging them a cent.

Here are the benefits of subscribing to this course.

  1. Make your first dollar after 30 days of launching your blog
  2. Grow you blog visit from little to no visit to 100 unique daily visitors in 30 days.

Toregister for my free 30 days course, just enter your name and your email Below.

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