10 Reasons To Use Mythemeshop Theme For Your Blog

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The effect a theme on your blog is big. It will either make or break your blog. A lot of bloggers who are just starting out spend over 80% of their time trying to get their WordPress site ready. Choosing the right WordPress theme is the toughest of all. You want your site to look great, isn’t it? Well, you don’t have to fret over choosing the right WordPress theme for your blog because  Mythemeshop theme is the perfect solution for you.

Why did I say Mythemeshop is the perfect solution for you? I said so because I use Mythemeshop theme on this blog and will share ten reasons  why you need to use Mythemeshop theme for your WordPress site.

10 Reasons To use Mythemeshop Theme For WordPress Site

#1. Free Themes

Yes, I mean it. In a post like this, you normally expect paid or premium theme. Mythemeshop does have premium themes, but I didn’t create this post only for those who can spend a few hundred bucks to set up a blog. If you don’t have the budget for it yet, you can select a free theme from Mythemeshop. I will strongly advise that you get a premium theme, but if for some reasons you can’t get a premium theme now, then you can select a free theme. They have nice free themes.

#2. Responsive Designs

responsive design

Responsive design is important these days where users access the internet with various devices like smartphones, tablets, and PC. To satisfy all users at the same time was tough until the introduction of responsive designs. Mythemeshop themes are responsive and work perfectly on all devices, being a mobile phone, tablet or PC.

#3. Awesome Designs

Mythemeshop has lots of themes with great designs. If you want your blog to look professional, then you need to get a theme from Mythemeshop. An added advantage is the option to customize your theme to look different and unique by changing the layout and color.

#4. Optimized For Speed

Mythemeshop page speed test

The load time of your website affects your site SEO, UX, and traffic. Speed is also part of user experience. Mythemeshop themes are pre-optimized for speed. When you purchase or download a free theme, you just need to fix one or two things to get going. Here is an example of a speed test result of this site.

moneypath speed test

#5. Optimized For SEO


SEO is another reason why you should use Mythemshop theme. My experience with a poorly optimized theme for SEO was a terrible one. I spent a lot of time trying to fix my theme issues related to SEO. With Mythemshop themes, all you need is to activate Yoast SEO plugin. Once you install Yoast plugin you are done with SEO.

#6. Theme Options

Themes from Mythemeshop gives you flexibility with theme option. This option allows you to do a wide range of tasks like uploading logo and favicon, inserting code in the header and footer section, changing theme color to make your themes stand out from the rest, and many other options.

#7. Compactible With Major Browsers

Browser compatibility is another thrilling option of Mythemeshop themes. The time for you to worry about browser compatibility has passed and thanks to Mythemeshop for taking care of this. You can save yourself the worry and focus on other important areas on your blog.

#8 Ads Implementation

I have never seen a theme that makes implementation of ads this easy. There is a section for placing ads with the option to choose exactly where you want an ad to appear on your blog. Mythemeshop themes give you the option to insert ads in home pages, pages, and post pages. You can also choose the positions you want an ad appears on each page.

#9. Neatly Coded

There are many benefits of having a neatly coded theme, but we are going to mention the most obvious one.  SEO!  Mythemeshop themes codes are clean, that is why their theme load fast.

#10. Logo And Favicon Upload

If you have used themes without favicon upload option, then you will appreciate this feature on Mythemeshop. Uploading a favicon or logo is easier than uploading a picture to Facebook or Instagram with Mythemeshop.

So go straight to Mthemeshop to check out their themes. After installing your theme, you need to optimize your blog for speed. To optimize your site for speed follow this guide: How To Optimize WordPress For Speed

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